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Please click on the project titles/pictures to be directed to the github repo for more details

Analytics Research Assistant

Python, Tableau

This is an ongoing research project under Dr. Harpreet Grewal at the Columbia University Irvine Medical Center. The focus of the project is to perform statistical analyses on Lung Transplant data to discern survival outcomes on ECMO device usage and duration.


SQL, Python, Flask, HTML, CSS

An end-to-end content based movie recommender system, integrating MySQL database, web-scraping, Text and Sentiment Analysis and Flask(HTML & CSS) components.



Implemented quantitative and qualitative modeling for a deep dive into regression analysis of two example hedge funds against a variety of benchmarks, with detailed explanation of insights.

Screenshot 2023-04-25 123151.png


Predicting US Presidential Elections at county level based on geo-tagged tweets from Twitter using the Twitter API and GDP data. Project involves EDA, text and image analysis, and evaluating multiple machine learning models. 

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